Free Friday Frights

Free Friday Frights


FREE FRIDAY FRIGHTS - A weekly free read from Mark Leslie. Alternating each week between fiction and non-fiction, an entire short story or short non-fiction true ghostly or eerie tale will be available to read here for approximately 24 hours.

In additional, Mark will be doing a live reading of the fiction or a live discussion/storytelling of the non-fiction topic - that audio/video version will remain available beyond the Friday and will be structured in the following format: Brief Intro to that day's free fright, reading/relayed tale, a short behind-the-story/behind-the-research chat, followed by a Q&A.

Bookmark this site for your weekly reading fix. Follow Mark's Author Page on Facebook for the live broadcasts, or, posted on a later date, the YouTube Free Friday Frights playlist, which usually includes enhanced sound and graphics.


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In the meantime, as a sample a placeholder and to give you an idea of how it will look, here is some dark poetry. Each story/tale will include an image as well as the text of the short-story or non-fiction article.


skull cup tattoo


The Sound of One Man Screaming

By Mark Leslie

Copyright © 2018 by Mark Leslie Lefebvre


A pen is lifted from a cup

                     that waits patiently, on the edge of the desk

Sometimes in haste

Sometimes with measured care

The pen is lifted, perched between three fingers

                     and brought down to kiss an empty page


A blank computer screen glares

The incessant whirring of a hard-drive fan

                      an undying, steady rhythmic pulse

Both mocking the absence of activity in the room

Until the distinct sound of fingers clacking the keyboard

                       announce the presence of words on the screen


A coffee mug filled with a simple black blend

Sometimes full

Sometimes cool

Often touched merely for the comfort it offers

                        overlooks the entire process


If you listen very carefully you will hear

More silent than the sound of the steam rising off the coffee

Every so gently

The sound of one man screaming


- Originally published in One Hand Screaming (available in eBook and print formats)


The Story Behind the poem

This poem was written specifically with the collection One Hand Screaming, a collection of mostly previously published and a few original and unpublished stories, in mind. The attempt was to capture the process, for me, as a writer. And, as writing it, I looked at the things around me. The coffee mug, the cup filled with pens and pencils, the computer, the blank page, the blank computer screen.

Interestingly, the pen cup and the coffee mug merged together along with a skull during a doodle I had created when I was supposed to be studying for an exam back in university, likely in 1991. That doodle is something I held onto for ages, knowing I wanted to do something with it. In 2014, I finally figured that out. I got a tattoo of that skull/cup. Which you see in the image above. The four compiled images are:  1) The original skull cup sketch 2) The tattoo immediately after it was completed in 2014 3) The tattoo bleeding out in the first 24 hours 4) The tattoo in 2018 - as you can see, I need to get it touched up/re-done.


Friday April 6, 2018 - FICTION: Snowman Shivers (You can still read it for free via Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, Nook, etc). The Live Reading and Q&A is available on Mark's Facebook Author Page or YouTube (enhanced with music & graphics)

Friday April 13, 2018 - NON-FICTION: Friday the 13th: The SUPER Superstition (Now avail as a blog post) - Live Chat/Video is available on Mark's Facebook Author Page or YouTube (enhanced sound & graphic additions)

Friday April 20, 2018 - FICTION: Phantom Mitch. Available in the book One Hand Screaming (ebook & print). You can also listen to an audio version of Mark reading it (from Episode 10 of his Prelude To A Scream podcast from 2009), or you can watch the recorded Live Video reading of the story from Augusta's Winking Judge.